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What happened to my password? Your password will need to be changed. As your password is only known to you, we were unable to migrate your old password to the new site. You will need to create a new password in one easy step.

How do I create a new password?   Click Here You need to enter the same email address with which you originally signed up to Special Needs Toys. You will then receive a new password via email and you can sign in with this new password and change it to a new password at your earliest convenience.

I am a new customer - what do I need to do? We welcome new customers every day! We hope that you enjoy browsing our store. Should you wish to make a purchase you can sign in to the web site at the time of ordering. If you are a Paypal customer you can skip this step and make your purchase immediately using the details on your Paypal account.

I am ordering for my school - what can I do? We welcome schools and understand their needs are at times specific to their situation. If you require an invoice to be paid upon receipt of goods please choose the payment method that best suits you such as Bank Cheque or Direct Deposit. We will then send out your order and your school can pay within 30 days.

I require a quote as I am using funding - what can be done? We supply quotes regularly. During the checkout process please click on the button at the top left of the page: CREATE QUOTE FROM CART. Please ensure that you have entered the delivery details and postcode for delivery correctly.


If you have any concerns please contact: 0439 724 926  or email us service@specialneedstoys.com.au