Buying Guides

A simple guide to help you make your purchase.

Purchasing for a child with additional needs can be a daunting task. You may like to keep these ideas in mind:


1. Your child's developmental age may be very different from the recommended age a manufacturer [and therefore our website] states on the product. Please make age choices very carefuly.

2. Many of our toys are made for the general public, but have been chosen for our site because the product may have a certain potential for assisting a child with additional needs foe example, the toy may light up which could be useful for a child with vision difficulties].

3. We cater to schools, centrees, NGO's and families. We attempt to keep our stock levels on the website as accuarte as possible but there are times that a product may be labelled as In Sock, or on back order, and the reality may be the opposite. Please contact us if you have any concerns about a product's availability.

4. Back Orders are typically available within 2 - 4 weeks. This excludes the hand crafted propducts from S Calm Sensory and also our selection of books. We are limited by the availabilty of the suppliers.

5. Your child is different to every other child on the earth - uniquely wonderful! You may ask our advice about products to choose for your child, but this is a difficult task for our staff unless we know your child.  The categories we have selected are hopefully a guide for you. Please ask your teacher, therapist or aid for advice about which products they may have purchased for children in their care.

5. Please review a product! This will help other carers make choices for their children.  If you have any concerns about a product please contact us directly - we have always removed products that customers have discovered to be unsafe. Your child's safety is our deepest concern.