Theraputty & Hand Strengthening

Therapists and children alike love theraputty for fun sensory stimulation games and hand strengthening excercises.

Sensory stimulation can significantly improve restlessness, hyperactivity and concentration in a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD or ADHD or other sensory disorders. Playing with theraputty is a great way for children to achieve sensory stimulation

Squeezing and working with theraputty can also strengthen intrinsic hand and finger muscles. These muscles are necessary for fine motor activities, such as : holding utensils, including pencils and cutlery; manipulating scissors; and dressing and undressing.

Theraputty is also a wonderful tool to aid in hand and arm rehabilitation.

. It can be used to provide an individual, graded strengthening program for individual fingers or the entire hand and helps promote increased range of motion, strengthening and tendon gliding.

    For the appropriate strength of theraputty for your individual needs, it is recommended you consult your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.